Independent Insurance Agency Program

Canned, cookie-cutter content generators may look great in theory (and may even deliver some results). But they are only tapping the surface of how these websites could work for your agency.  Having an effective online presence is essential for insurance agencies in today's economy. McDaniels has partnered with Pekin Insurance to deliver a web solution to independent agencies that helps you navigate the ever changing digital landscape.  

The MCD Content Management System is extremely easy to manage and can be delivered in a way that won't be overwhelming to your staff- especially those who don't have a lot of experience with managing a website.  It's also been tested and is a platform that has been proven successful in the past.  

In our program you will have the ability to select from 4 predesigned themes and customize from there.  We take the worry and hassle out of creating your site.  

Additional Programs

Google and Facebook Advertising

Interested in learning how the pay-per-click market can benefit your agency?

When it comes to targeted online display advertising, there’s no better option than the Google AdWords network.  Highly targeted and measurable, tactical use of Google AdWords digital display ads allows Pekin Insurance affiliated agents to place eye-catching topical ads in front of those web users that are most likely to interact with them. 

Want to expand your Facebook reach? 

“Be where your customers are.”  This adage is especially true in today’s crowded digital landscape.  If you want to catch the attention of future clients then your message needs to be seen where those consumers are spending their time.  With over 1.71 BILLION active users, Facebook is an ideal platform to not only be seen by but also to interact with those future policy holders.

Social Media Management

You want people to "like" you on Facebook, "follow" your Instagram posts and "find" you on LinkedIn.  You want them to visit your website and social media pages...and continue coming back for more.  But how do you get them there?  We will help you undertand the ins and outs of social media marketing, give you tips on how to incorporate today's most popular social media sites and help you close the loop in your digital marketing strategy.

For inquiries on how to position your insurance agency to tackle this digital world contact Anthony Oedewaldt.

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